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Southern Pride Softwash - The pressure washing company you can trust

From Newberry to Chapin to Lexington to Columbia, and all the way to Camden and beyond, Southern Pride Softwash serves South Carolina with professional pressure washing, soft washing, and expert exterior cleaning. We travel four counties with our trailer-mounted, commercial-grade pressure washing and soft washing system, so we’re well-prepared to make any exterior surface on our circuit look its absolute, undeniable best.

Southern Pride Softwash calls Chapin home, and we’re proud to provide the heart of the Palmetto State with the highest quality pressure washing and soft washing services for South Carolina home and business owners.

Pressure washing is probably the greatest cleaning innovation ever invented for exterior cleaning, but certain surfaces and building materials simply can’t tolerate the highly pressurized water that works so well on hard, durable surfaces like brick and concrete. Some surfaces are obviously not suited for high-pressure washing, like windows, but that highly pressurized water can also force its way between seams in vinyl siding, leave scars on wood fencing, and damage asphalt shingles.

That’s why every truly professional pressure washing company now offers soft washing: featuring chemically-aided pre-soaking, followed by low-pressure and no-pressure washing for extra TLC for applications like house washing and roof cleaning.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Exterior Cleaning

From front to back, top to bottom, and side to side, Southern Pride Softwash has your residential exterior cleaning needs covered. With expert soft washing for roof cleaning, house washing, and other exterior surfaces like decks and fences; plus high-pressure washing for stone and brick walls and structures, driveways, pavers, and pool decks, all bases are covered, and we’ll leave each surface shining like new. Your 100% satisfaction with each job is our primary goal, and we offer the friendliest professional service, and the most amazing transformational results in the area.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Our commercial exterior cleaning services include high psi heavy-duty pressure washing, as well as soft wash and low-pressure washing. If it’s the outside of your commercial property and needs cleaning, we’ll employ the most effective pressure washing, soft washing, eco-friendly chemical application, scouring, and scrubbing methods to restore your exterior surfaces to the positive-image-promoting peak appearance while respecting the trust you place in us to take care of your business property. Southern Pride Softwash is the affordable, dependable commercial exterior cleaning vendor that you can trust with your South Carolina pride: your business’s clean, orderly, trustworthy image.

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Mobile RV Washing

Every RV presents its own unique RV cleaning problems and challenges, and the size, shape, and composition of your RV dictates the proper methods and techniques for the best results! Our team are experts in getting rid of road grime, grease, oil, and contaminants off of your RV.

Our team of washing experts uses the proper balance of cleansing agents and psi for the specific material of your RV for optimal cleansing without the risk of any damage. If you have any questions call us today or fill out our online form!

Rv cleaning
Customer Service

Why Choose Southern Pride Softwash?

There are many reasons to hire Southern Pride Softwash for all of your exterior cleaning needs, but it boils down to one thing: we’re the best at what we do, and what we do is clean. We truly care about each and every one of our clients and treat each property with vigilance and respect. Our transparency and professionalism are very important to us as we ensure your satisfaction and the safety of your property.

Our spotless reputation is on the line with every project we take on, and earning our client's trust through fairly-priced, top-quality results is our primary goal. It’s all about pride: pride in a job well done, pride in another satisfied customer, and pride in being the best pressure washer in the region.

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Why soft wash roof cleaning works!

Every roof presents its own unique roof cleaning problems and challenges, and the size, shape, and composition of your roof dictates the proper methods and techniques for the best results. Many roofing materials are easily and permanently damaged by high psi pressure washing; that’s why we use specialized low-pressure sprayers to apply environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water-based cleaning solutions formulated specifically for your type of roof.

Our team of soft washing experts uses the proper balance of cleansing agents and psi for each specific material of your roof for optimal cleansing without affecting your fragile shingles and tiles.

Roof Washing

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