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Chapin's Finest Pressure Washing Company

If you're looking for the most-trusted pressure washing company in Chapin and the entire Central South Carolina area, you've found it. Our pressure washing experts are not just the most-experienced and the highest-rated in the area, they also get the highest marks for friendly, courteous service. From your driveway to your siding to your fences to your patio, we're the pressure washing company outfitted with the most up-to-date, high-tech equipment available and we're experts at soft washing for less forceful, more refined TLC for house washing, roof cleaning, and fence washing.

Southern Pride Softwash is the locally-owned pressure washing company with the tools and technique to make every exterior surface on your Chapin property look its best and cleanest, and our customer service and client satisfaction record is unbeatable.

When you need a quick upgrade to your property or want to be proactive in keeping your exterior surfaces cleaned and maintained, Southern Pride Softwash is the undisputed champion of Chapin pressure washing. No other pressure washing company in the entire Central South Carolina region can match our superior customer service and spectacular results. At Southern Pride Softwash, pride is our middle name, and we take great pride in a job well done; the success of which we judge by our customers' level of satisfaction. We're an honest, hard-working pressure washing company with affordable pricing and a perfect record of satisfied customers, so call us today to increase your Southern pride-of-ownership.

Roof wash

Roof Cleaning

Regular roof cleaning is a smart, cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof, and we can clean and protect your roof and help you avoid the high cost of roof-replacement. We're soft wash experts, and soft washing is the preferred method for cleaning asphalt shingle roofs and is recommended by most asphalt shingle manufacturers to avoid damage to the granules on the shingles that aid in your home's insulation.

House wash

House Washing

House washing is a controlled method of pressure washing that features chemical cleaning solutions and lower psi, and is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the curb appeal and boost the property value of your home and property. Eco-friendly, biodegradable chemical solutions and natural cleaning agents are applied with special sprayers and do an especially effective job of killing bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew that love to attack your vinyl and wooden siding, and our soft wash solutions destroy the offending organisms and dissolve dirt and stains, which are then easily removed with low-pressure or no-pressure washing.

Fence wash

Fence Washing

Professional fence washing by our experienced soft wash specialists not only restores your fence to its original appearance, but it will also protect your fence and walls from aggressive organic growth and contaminants that can cause rot and decay, and necessitate replacement much sooner than wanted. It's much cheaper to maintain the fence you have, than put in a new one, and you'll be amazed at what our talented fence washing pros can accomplish in making your fence look new again and last longer.

Driveway wash

Driveway Washing

Not only do we have the highest-tech, commercial-grade, high-pressure equipment that can blast out deep set stains and smudges at the molecular level, we're also highly skilled at soft washing: chemical pre-soaking with biodegradable cleaning solutions and natural mineral acids to breakdown oil, grease, and roadkill stains. Our driveway washing artists pack a one-two exterior cleaning punch that ensures every blemish is removed and your driveway looks like the concrete was poured yesterday.

Patio wash

Patio Washing

Southern Pride Softwash can breathe new life into decks, patios, pavers, and pool decks with our expert combination or soft washing and pressure washing to make any and all of your backyard surfaces look brand new and ready for family gatherings, backyard barbeques, and outdoor fun. Sun, rain, and snow can fade and discolor wooden decks and stone patios, plus organic growth like moss and mold and can compound the damage and even lead to possible slip-and-fall dangers, so play it safe with professional patio washing by Southern Pride Softwash.


RV Washing

One of the many services we offer at Southern Pride Softwash is our top-of-the-line mobile RV washing. When Chapin residents need pressure washing, they turn to us. We offer a vast assortment of high-quality residential and commercial exterior cleaning services, including cleaning the outside of your recreational vehicle. Not only is our RV washing thorough and effective - we come to you! We make maintaining your RV as easy as possible by bringing our cleaning service to your front door.


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